Become a CPA


If you’re looking to build an exciting career based on professional accounting skills that could take you across the globe in a diverse range of roles, the CPA Program is for you.

With our flexible study options, you can choose to complete the program to your own timeline and with the level of support you need.


Integrating education and experience, our program uses contemporary and internationally relevant material to provide you with an understanding of dynamic issues facing organisations today. 

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Internationally recognised, the CPA Program ensures you will be well equipped to tackle any of the challenging accounting, finance or business situations faced in today’s global marketplace. Providing you with more than a technical accounting focus, the CPA Program goes beyond the numbers, teaching the skills to help you reach the next level in leadership, strategy and business.


Our information sessions are designed to help you discover how becoming a CPA can benefit you and support your career goals. Information sessions are approximately one hour long and consist of a presentation followed by time to ask questions.

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Become A CPA

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