Last minute exam tips

Tips to do some last minute exam preparation

Rushing to get as much study done as possible before your exams start? Don’t panic – you can get the most out of your cram sessions with these tips:

Ask yourself questions: 

Reading information over and over isn’t the best way to commit it to memory. Instead, try asking yourself questions as you go about your daily routine. If you work better by collaborating, write down a list of questions and get your friends or family to spontaneously ask you at different times of the day, just like a pop-quiz.

Avoid temptation: 

Disconnect from the web and avoid the temptation of social media, or your favourite websites. You’ll be able to revise much more efficiently if you optimise your time by cutting out distractions. You’ll enjoy chatting to your friends so much more when you can talk about how relieved you are to be finished, rather than how nervous you are about getting ready for your exams!

Make up rhymes and acronyms: 

If there’s an equation process, or a list you need to remember, try creating a mnemonic – a sentence using the first letter of each word. Rhymes are also great for remembering words, or phrases, as is shorting your information to an acronym, or creating diagrams if you’re a visual learner.

Use a ‘cheat sheet’: 

Create a page full of ideas, quotes and equations that you need to remember, and carry it around with you in the days, or weeks, leading up to your exam. That way you’ll have the most relevant and important information at your fingertips at all times. Try colour coding the cheat sheet or breaking the page down into different sections to make it even more memorable.

Say it out loud: 

Instead of reading silently, don’t be afraid to make some noise and recite your study notes to yourself. To make the information even more memorable, say it aloud to the tune of your favourite song. Then, if you get stuck in your exam, try to remember how the words you’re looking for fit to the music.

Take regular breaks: 

Refuse the temptation to stay up all night to maximise your study time before an exam and remember to take breaks and allow your brain a chance to recharge. You won’t be doing yourself any favours by heading into the exam room tired! 

Try to relax: 

Try to keep everything in perspective. Sometimes the anticipation of an exam can be scarier than the event itself. You’ve worked hard all semester and this is a chance to show off everything you’ve learned.

Tips to do some last minute exam preparation:

  • Breaks help recharge your brain
  • Carry a cheat sheet
  • Saying it aloud helps you learn
  • Rhymes and acronyms help you remember


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