How to avoid distractions when you've got an assignment due

Don't get distracted when trying to meet an assignment deadline

It’s remarkable the distractions you’re capable of coming up with to avoid doing an assignment - TV, browsing Facebook, even folding your socks. Why is it that when it comes time to hit the books we will find absolutely anything else to do except the thing we're meant to be doing? Here are some tips that will help you avoid distractions and get pen to paper when it's assignment crunch time. Ready?

Log off social media to study

Social media is a fantastic way to connect with people but it's also a major distraction when it comes to getting work done. Liking that photo of your friend’s dog isn’t going to help you pass the class. Log off completely during your study time to avoid those distracting notifications and only check social media during breaks.

And while you’re at it, turn off your phone

Brace yourself because you are about to turn off your phone. You may not like it but your phone is a dangerous temptation while you’re studying. What starts with a simple text message can very easily turn into an hour-long phone conversation. Turn it off and return any missed calls or text messages when you are done.

Feel the serenity of a quiet study area

Ever heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’? Well the same can be said for homework – ‘you are where you study’. If you’re sitting down to study in a cluttered, noisy environment then you’re going to get distracted. The mess on your desk will catch your eye and you won’t be able to stop yourself cleaning it – and wasting time. Instead find a nice organised, quiet space where you will be able to get your head in the game: distraction free.

Distance yourself from distraction 

Before you start, have a think about other things that might distract you and distance yourself from it. If you are a serial offender when it comes to frequent TV breaks, try studying at the library where you don’t have the temptation. Knowing what usually distracts you and planning ahead to distance yourself from them will go a long way when you sit down and start.

Take regular breaks

Working hours on end is not good for our concentration levels and will only see your attention span drifting off. Taking breaks at regular intervals gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and refocus before getting back to work – just don’t get too distracted and forget to finish studying!

Cutting out the distractions and focusing on the task at hand means your quality of study is going to be better which will lead to a better result. Remember, the fewer distractions you have, the faster you will finish and the sooner you can get back to things you actually enjoy – like liking photos of your friend’s dog on Facebook.

Tips to have distraction free study:

  • Log off technology
  • Create a productive study environment
  • Remove yourself from potential distractions like TV
  • Take regular breaks to refresh your mind


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