Are you guilty of these 9 bad study habits?

What are your bad study habits? Check out these tips on how to improve them

Ever feel like you’re wasting valuable time pouring over text books and trying to memorise study notes when there must be a better way? Don’t worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s what you may be doing wrong:

1. You don’t have a plan

This is like a licence to waste time. It’s also the perfect way to ensure you don’t cover all the material you need to review and that you get bogged down on topics you don’t need to know.

2. You’re too high-tech

Are you guilty of sitting in lectures taking notes on your iPad or laptop? Not only have studies proven your brain absorbs more information if you hand-write your notes, but you’re also too open to the distractions offered by surfing the net and social media.

3. You don’t have a good study space

Most experts suggest picking a quiet and consistent study retreat is the main ingredient for study success. Only you can determine the best study space – it’s different for everyone. But if you know you are easily distracted, best to stay away from noisy areas.

4. You skip class

Not only does it show a lack of discipline, but it means bothering your friends for the notes and spending hours doing catch-up. Or, even worse – missing out on the material completely.

5. You rely too much on study groups

Study groups or partnerships can help keep you motivated, provide assistance with difficult materials and hold you accountable to your study regimen. They can also leave you with false assumptions about your own abilities and can often be an excuse for a social chat.

6. You memorise your notes

Stop! Reading through your notes multiple times is one of the most labour-intensive and ineffective ways you can study! Instead, try pretending you’re a lecturer and talk about the covered course work. You’ll soon spot any gaps in your material and you’ll retain information much easier.

7. You study past midnight

Not only does your brain need plenty of sleep to process what you’ve learned throughout the day, but its ability to retain information rapidly decreases once midnight strikes.

8. You rely on caffeine

One cup of coffee (or even a Red Bull) can be great, giving you an extra level of focus. Any more than that, however, and you’ll become twitchy, irritable, distracted, unfocused and ultimately useless for study.

9. You cram last minute

Not only is this terrible for long-term information retention, it’s also hugely stressful and usually sleep depriving.

Remember these bad study habits to break:

  • Last minute cramming is stressful
  • Studying after midnight is not productive
  • Study groups often become social chats


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