9 reasons why exams are actually good for you

Do you dread exams? Learn how look at tests in a positive light.

Some students consider exam season to be a cruel and even evil punishment with no real purpose but to test their mental fortitude, deprive them of sleep and cause unnecessary panic.

The truth, however, is far less fanciful. Not only are exams inevitable, but they serve a range of wide-reaching purposes. 

Reasons why exams are good for you:

Exams give you something to strive for: 

What incentive would there be to learn, if no one ever assessed what you know? We all need goals to make us aim higher, work harder and dream bigger. Exams help curb your natural instinct to procrastinate by providing a concrete learning line in the sand that can’t be postponed.

Test your understanding of a subject:

It’s easy to memorise facts and figures, but to be able to write a convincing and well-thought-out essay under pressure demonstrates a thorough understanding of a topic.

Help you learn by revision: 

Studies show taking a practice test before exams helps focus your thoughts, cement your knowledge and highlight the gaps in your understanding far more effectively than just reading through course material.

Stimulate your brain: 

Even the word ‘exam’ starts the neurons firing, while the knowledge of a deadline provides an incentive for the mind to absorb more information at a faster rate than would normally be the case.

Teach time management: 

Planning for exam season requires creating a strict timetable that provides set timeframes to ensure the comprehensive study of each topic under review. This will help you in your career.

Exams and tests are fairer: 

Handing in someone else’s work is far easier to get away with in an group assignment situation than it is under exam conditions.

Teach stress management: 

Knowing your grade hinges on your ability to perform well under pressure is enough to make most students’ blood pressure sky-rocket. But life is tough and learning to overcome anxiety, and deliver quality work in a timely fashion, is an essential life skill if you plan to succeed.

Teach you to express thoughts coherently: 

Being able to write in a clear and concise manner is essential if you want to excel in this world. Few things are more likely to hone these skills than time constraints, forcing you to get your arguments down on paper in a logical manner as quickly as possible.

Exams give you the chance to shine: 

Instead of thinking of exams as annoying or stressful try changing your perspective and viewing them as they really are – a platform for you to excel. Consider this: If you’ve worked hard all term, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy your success?

Exam tips for excellent university results:

  • Teach time management
  • Give you a chance to shine
  • Provide a reason to strive harder
  • Help you learn


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