7 ways to get the most out of a study gap year

Why taking a study gap year can improve your employability

Have you just finished your university degree and aren’t quite sure what your next step will be? Or perhaps you just need a break from your current studies. 

Here are a couple examples of why a study gap year could be a good idea. However, it’s important that you make the most of this opportunity and here’s how:

Think about your end goal

Do you know the field in which you want to end up? Try tailoring your gap year activities with this in mind, concentrating on skills that will later help you progress your career.  

Earn a second chance

Didn’t get the results you needed to get into the course you want? Don’t give up. Why not try taking a bridging course while working part time for a year to bring your results up to speed?

Travel the world

Whether you choose to explore multiple countries or immerse yourself culturally – living and working – in a new country, you will gain a new level of cultural sensitivity and hopefully a very different perspective on what’s really important in life. Learning a new language and gaining overseas work experience will also look great on your resume.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering doesn’t just look great on your resume, and fulfill your sense of civic duty, it’s also a great way to network with people from all walks of life. It could open doorways you never even dreamed of.

Pay your own way

Find a job and work for a year with the aim of earning enough to pay for your education. Every job has transferable skills: for example a job at a fast food chain could entail customer, people and time management skills.

Be open to new opportunities 

Worked with kids and really enjoyed it? Or found yourself with a knack for dealing with people? Why not find a way to incorporate those talents into your new career?

Improve your focus

Studies show students who make the most of their gap year achieve, on average, higher results than other classmates. They’re also more involved in university leadership, and extra-curricular activities, and generally just more self-aware – so get cracking!

Get the most out of your study with these top tips:

  • Travelling makes you more globally aware
  • A gap year can help your resume
  • Be open to new opportunities


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