10 things top students do

Be inspired by top students, learn what they to to stay top of the class

Being a great student is about more than just absorbing information. It’s about making the most of every opportunity, studying smarter, taking on new challenges and pushing yourself that extra mile to achieve even the toughest of goals.

Here’s the secret to their academic success:

They make the most of their learning experiences

Not every educator is actually good at teaching, but to great students that doesn’t matter. They will thrive in even the most arid of learning environments, regardless of whether the lecturer speaks in a monotone voice, fails to use punctuation or is just generally boring. They set small challenges, clarify points, ask questions and predict where the lecturer is headed – anything to help keep themselves engaged and learning.

They manage their time

Great students usually start each day with a to-do list, schedule their time and stick to it! They know breaking off tasks into manageable chunks not only makes information easier to digest, but also takes away most of the overwhelming fear factor of having too much work on their plate.

They keep testing themselves

Great students understand the best way to suss out their weak spots is to continually test themselves. They use example problems, reverse-engineer provided equations, and get their hands on as many old exam papers as possible to succeed.

They use the internet

Great students never just rely on their text books. They use every resource even remotely related to their subject and some that probably aren’t. Once they’re familiar with the major themes of their coursework, they’ll also usually use Google to find as many different reputable explanations and examples as they can.

They ask questions

Great students know asking questions, actively looking for, and finding their own answers makes the brain retain far more information than simply hearing a statement and writing it down.

They focus on their mistakes

Great students don’t just bury their mistakes and hope sincerely to never see them again. They dig them out and analyse where they went wrong so that won’t make the same mistake again.

They think positively

If you believe you will fail, you will. Great students know having a positive attitude not only makes the brain much more receptive to learning, often it actually makes it want to learn.

They take ownership of their learning

Great students understand the buck stops with them when it comes to success. They also don’t make excuses or blame anyone else for their failings.

They ask for help

Great students know that if they don’t understand how something works, they need to ask.

They manage both mind and body

To be successful great students know they need to keep both mind and body healthy. This includes: eating well, getting plenty of sleep (to process all they’ve learned), exercising regularly and taking regular study breaks.

Top tips to be a great student:

  • Take responsibility
  • Ask for help if they need it
  • Use every possible reputable resource
  • Think positively


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