8 words that could cost you the job you want

8 Words that could cost you the job you want

Before you write one of these eight words in your job application or say them in an interview, consider swapping them for another. These words could cost you the job.

What you should avoid saying in job interviews if you want to get a job offer:


There’s a common theory that it takes around 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in a skill or topic. Now you know that, would you still consider yourself an expert?


If you describe yourself as a ‘creative’ or ‘ideas’ person, you’re going to have to be able to back that up. So if you’re going to use the word, have some examples of circumstances when you’ve demonstrated that creativity at the ready.


Most people are organised to a degree, but if you a willing to describe yourself in this way you need to be able to demonstrate it.


Sure you’re passionate about the job, but using words like ‘extremely’ might make you seem a little too keen or over-excited.


Being ambitious is a great quality and it means that you’re excited to strive for great achievements. But before you describe yourself as ambitious, consider demonstrating it instead. Show the recruiter that you’re ambitious in the way you present your resume and yourself in the interview.


Yes you’re keen to show off your personality but using words like ‘bubbly’ can make you seem ditzy or giddy. You can demonstrate your friendly personality in your interview through the way you interact, there’s no need to spell it out in your cover letter.


Words like ‘guru’ or ‘master’ sound a little pretentious and give the recruiter the idea that you don’t think you have anything left to learn. Avoid using any words like this altogether - they will make you seem arrogant.

Not at all 

The worst way to represent yourself is to not represent yourself at all. When an interviewer asks you to describe yourself, make sure you’ve put some thought into it. This is the time to highlight your best attributes. Just don’t toot your own horn too loudly.

Think outside the box when you next describe yourself and you could be surprised by the recruiter’s reaction.


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