Don't lose your dream job with a bad voicemail message

Don't lose your dream job with a bad voicemail message

Your resume might be awesome and your cover letter even better, but how is your phone manner? Could it use some work? In this highly competitive job market, even seemingly small things like phone etiquette may be the difference between getting the interview and getting a rejection email. Read on to find out how to make a fabulous impression over voicemail, and improve your chances of an interview:

How to leave a voice mail message that will help you get the job:

Don’t underestimate the power of the phone: 

With so much of our communication taking place online nowadays, actually picking up the phone and calling someone can seem like a slow way to contact them. It’s easier to just send an email or text, right? Not always. When it comes to contacting a recruiter or the company’s HR team about a role, calling gives you the chance to stand out from other applicants. Sounding professional in the voicemail is the first step towards securing a phone interview.  

Practice before you call by listening to your recorded voice: 

Leaving a quality voicemail begins by developing a good speaking voice. Using the record feature on your phone, speak slowly, clearly and correctly. Leave it for a little while, then play it back and listen closely. Take note of any ums and ahs, speaking too quickly, or speaking in too high a pitch, then repeat the process. It might sound weird, but if you don’t know what you sound like over the phone, you don’t know how you come across to others. Use this technique to update your outgoing voicemail message on your own phone – when people call you about a role, you want them to hear a professional, polished candidate’s voice.

It’s all in the role, name and call back number details: 

When leaving a message, always begin by stating your full name and the title of the role you are applying for, then explain the reason for your call and your phone number (including the area code if applicable). Repeat your number and full name at the end. You don’t want to miss out on a call back because they didn’t catch your name or number, so help them out by giving it twice. 

What should you say in the voice message for recruiters? 

Leave enough information in your voicemail so that the person can quickly identify you among the rest of the applicants. Once you have left your name and the role title, it can be as simple as, “I submitted my resume on May 1, and am returning your call from 11am today, May 7,” followed by your number, name again and number again. Leave them with the impression that you are professional, efficient and detail-oriented. 

Your phone manner is more important now than ever – it can give you an edge over your competition, and builds a picture of you in the recruiter’s mind long before you meet them in person. 


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