9 ways you could be hurting your job search

Learn how you might be hurting your chances at getting a job with this guide

Finding the right job is about more than scanning job advertisements and sending off resumes. 

Here’s what else you need to consider if you want to have success:

Tidy up your social media accounts 

Even if you rarely use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, take the time to go through each of your accounts and remove anything that doesn’t look professional

Don’t use a small font in your resume

It’s better to let your resume spill on to two pages, than to cram it all on one with writing so small it takes a magnifying glass to read it. At best it will frustrate the very people you want to impress – at worst it may see your application discarded without a second thought.


Are you a nervous talker? A short introduction at the start of an interview is great, but waffling on and on without letting your interviewer get a word in edgewise is not!

Stop complaining about job-search difficulties 

If you’ve been looking for work for a long period of time, going on about how difficult it’s been may only make you seem unemployable. Instead, try and spin it as a voluntary sabbatical where you’ve learned great things and met amazing people.

Do your homework 

If you can’t be bothered to research the company you wish to work for (and its main players), then chances are the company won’t be hiring you.

Don’t use bad referees 

If your references aren’t willing to provide any good points about you then find someone who will. If you get negative feedback at this critical stage you may find your dream job slipping through your fingers.

Don’t bad-mouth past employers 

It doesn’t matter how terrible your past employers were to work for – don’t say it. Be diplomatic at all costs and try and find something positive to say, or focus on an important skill you learned. 

Don't bad-mouth yourself, either

Made redundant? Had a business venture that failed? Being negative about your setbacks will only ensure your continued failure. Instead, pull yourself out of the pit and focus on the positives of the experience. What valuable insights and experiences did you gain? Everyone has failures – it’s how you overcome and learn from them that’s important.

Make your search targeted 

Sending out applications to absolutely any company remotely connected to your field might seem like a good idea, but it usually only ends in frustration and defeat. It’s long been proven that a specific, tailored approach has a far better chance of success.

Tips on NOT hurting your job search:

  • Use great referees
  • Do your homework
  • Know when to listen


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