9 ways to land your dream job

Wondering how to get your dream job? Follow these tips.

Life is too short to be stuck doing a job you hate. So get off your seat, stop waiting for your dream job to come to you and start doing something about it.

Here’s how:

Make sure you know what you want: 

To land your dream job, first you need to know what that is. Don’t be fooled by the aura of glamour that surrounds some occupations only to find, once you’ve done the hard yards and landed the job, the reality is far different.

Forget the want ads: 

Work out the company you want to work for and start connecting with people who are already employed there. Learn everything you can about the company culture, environment, working conditions and its desirable employee attributes, and then do everything you can to be supportive. Don’t be surprised if eventually they want you to join their team.

Do charitable work: 

Not only will you be giving back to the community, you’ll feel better about yourself and inadvertently find yourself networking with some real movers and shakers. It will also look great on your resume.

Don’t stop learning: 

Employers want people who don’t rest on their laurels and aren’t afraid to keep learning. Even when you think you’ve mastered your niche, there’s no need to stop evolving. A wealth of information is now available on the internet - so use it. Someone with an extensive skill base will always be in demand.

Concentrate on your online profile:  

More often than not, prospective employers will search your name online, so make what they find is in your favour. Create a rock star profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and include all of your best achievements and education.

Simple chats open doors: 

The more you network, the easier it will become to organise informal, relaxed, face-to-face chats with powerbrokers in your ideal industry. From there it’s easy to gain valuable information on how to proceed next.

Have the drive but not the experience? 

Try volunteering your time for free. It only has to be a couple of hours a week but that small sacrifice will give you the valuable experience you need for your resume.

Prepare for promotion: 

Employers don’t just want people who can do their job, they want people who they can promote. Constantly ask for feedback and be on the lookout for ways you can make your bosses’ life easier.

Stand out from the crowd: 

Research the company, director and supervisor that you’ve targeted, and then make sure any communication is extremely personalised and shows why the company needs YOU! Be sure to triple check your submission for mistakes, because even the smallest blunder could see you instantly discounted and dismissed.

Tips on how to get your dream job offer:

  • Know what your dream job is
  • Target your company of choice
  • Volunteering will gain you valuable skills
  • Stand out from the crowd


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