8 ways to get ahead and land your dream job

Read these tips on how to land your dream job or career

Are you sick of constantly playing catch-up? Maybe you always find yourself halfway through the year before finally getting your act together. Or perhaps you’re so bogged down with the week-to-week grind that you can’t seem to see the bigger picture?

Whatever your dilemma, don’t worry, you can get a jump start on the New Year. Here’s how:

Get some work experience: 

Regardless of where you stand in your university career, it’s never too early to start building your industry-related work skills. And there’s no better way to do that than by volunteering for work experience in as many organisations as you can. Not only is work experience a great addition to any resume, it also helps get your name out there, and offers potential employers the chance to be impressed by your professionalism, humility and dedication to hard work

Do your research:

You’ve found the perfect course, but just how much do you really know about your chosen field? Now’s your chance to find out. Just make sure you answer these two essential questions: What’s the job outlook? And what’s the potential salary like in your field? It’s better to find out now if your expectations don’t meet reality, than at the completion of your degree.

Join groups: 

Sign up to industry, business or networking organisations such as Toastmasters. Not only will these allow you a potential inside track on job opportunities, but they’ll also provide essential industry updates, the chance to find influential mentors and the opportunity to meet with potential employers.


Most employers prefer to hire people they know or at least employees known by people they trust. So go out, shake a few hands and get your name out there as a go-getting achiever who’s perfect for any employer’s next opening.

Try something new: 

Doors open when and where you least expect them. Try joining a non-industry related club, embrace a new hobby or even a new sport – try not close yourself off to new opportunities. You might find out something new about yourself that may even alter the course of your career.

Update your resume: 

Is your resume dated, unprofessional or incomplete? There’s no point in completing work experience or internships, if you don’t make them count on your resume. This is the one document that should be always ready for immediate dissemination – especially after a major networking event.

Update your LinkedIn profile: 

It’s not uncommon for employers to head-hunt using the job-networking site – especially if they’ve already heard your name, or made your acquaintance, at an industry function.

Know your next steps: 

Not sure what to do now? Make an appointment with a career advisor to plot out the next moves you need to make to secure a graduate position. Or, if you’ve got your eyes on the bigger picture, how to ultimately secure your dream role.

Tips on how to get ahead in your career and land your dream job:

  • Work experience is always essential
  • Know what you’re in for
  • Keep your resume and LinkedIn profiles up-to-date
  • Network, network, network


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