6 ways to land your dream job

How you can get a dream job

If you’re not one of the lucky few who immediately gets their dream job after graduating from university, deciding whether to settle – or to hang out for bigger and better things – can seem like a tricky decision.

Fortunately the reality is not so dramatic. Sometimes taking a step back is the best way forward. Here are a few things to consider:

Are you qualified for your dream role? 

If the answer is no, do whatever you have to do to bring yourself up to speed and then reapply for the position. If the answer is yes, ask yourself this: do I have a good chance of landing my dream job in a short period of time? If that, too, is a yes then of course it makes sense to wait until the opportunity knocks.

Keep your eye on the bigger picture: 

The important thing is to never lose sight of where you want to go. Forget feeling guilty or ashamed about taking a lessor option, or obligated to those who did give you a role. Your main priority is to take care of No.1. Even filler roles can teach you skills that will look good on your resume. 

Plan your career progression: 

To actually achieve your dreams it helps to have a clear plan. That means working out what steps you need to take to get you where you need to go. If you have your future mapped out, it’s far easier to stay on track and not get lost along the way.

Perfect your job application: 

Once you’ve got the skills and experience, make sure you take time to craft the perfect cover letter and resume. You don’t want to have all your cards lined up only to fail due to a simple spelling or grammatical mistake.

Be open to new experiences:

Sometimes taking a wrong path can actually turn into a right one. Studies have proven most people who love their jobs actually didn’t start out that way. The love grew over time. People change and so do their hopes, desires and priorities.

Don’t give up on your dream job:

This is the most crucial tip. If you truly want something bad enough, you WILL find a way to make it happen. Just keep focused on your end goal.

Tips for getting your dream job:

  • Keep your eye on the prize

  • Plan your progression

  • Upgrade your skills

  • Be open to new experiences

  • Don’t give up


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