6 things to avoid in your resume

Here's some tips on what not to do with your resume to help land the job offer

Sending out hundreds of job applications, but not getting a response? It may be time to have a long hard look at your resume and cut out any unnecessary details.
Here’s what NOT to include in your next job application.

An unprofessional email address 

Ditch the cutesy email handle you created in high school or at university (e.g. bunnyboo@lameemail.com) or unfashionable email provider. Not only can the wrong address make you look out of touch, but it can also make you appear unprofessional at best.

Too much personal information 

Don’t provide recruiters with any information that could be used to discriminate. In many countries, they don’t need to know your age, marital status, race, religion or if you have kids. 

Don’t include references in your resume

Including references or even the words references withheld, or references available on request, is a mistake. Not only do they take up valuable real estate, but they’re actually redundant. If an employer wants your references, they’ll ask for them.

Jargon or abbreviations 

Think using technical jargon, or abbreviations, makes you look connected and in the loop? You’re wrong. Long form is always more professional in an application and won’t run the risk of alienating your recruiter with unfamiliar terms. 

Avoid bad formatting in your resume

Unless you’re a graphic designer, crazy fonts often appear amateurish and can hurt your job application.


Typos, the use of bad grammar and missed – or wrongly used – punctuation could see your application binned. Before you hit send, get a friend, family member or colleague to check your work

Get your resume noticed the right way

Need more tips? Look for these signs that show your resume isn’t up to scratch.

Top tips for a winning resume:

  • Don’t include mistakes, jargon, crazy fonts or abbreviations
  • Keep personal details to yourself
  • Make sure your email address is professional


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