5 job interview tips to impress an interviewer

5 ways to impress an interviewer

Have you ever wondered how to impress a hiring manager or wanted to make a great first impression during an interview? Here are some tips on how to wow before, during and after your job interview. 

Landing a job interview is a great achievement. It means that you’re one of the best applicants for a role. But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. You’ve still got to impress your interviewer. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Be on time for your job interview

Being on time is expected at a job interview. You must arrive on time - a few minutes early. Punctuality is a way of showing that you respect your interviewer’s time and appreciate the opportunity to attend the interview. Being early is even better! Arriving early gives you time to adjust to the environment, calm your nerves and make observations about the workplace that you’re hoping to join. Sitting still for a few minutes and taking a few deep breaths while you wait for your interview to begin can be a great way to relax a little before you start. The few extra minutes might give you just enough time to do something that will make you feel more prepared, like having one last check of your appearance, using the bathroom or having a glass of water.

Dress to impress in the first 30 seconds

Looking good will definitely make you feel more confident, which will help you impress your interviewer. Wear your best professional looking outfit and make sure that it is cleaned and ironed. Make sure your hair is washed and that you’re looking tidy. Little things like having clean hands and fingernails, and freshly cleaned or polished shoes, can make you look your best.

Use the hiring manager’s name

When your interviewer introduces themselves be confident as you shake their hand, watch your body language and use their name when you greet them and thank them for having you attend an interview. Similarly, use the interviewer’s name at the end of the interview as you thank them for the opportunity to meet with them.

Have prepared answers to common questions

You may not know exactly what an interviewer will ask you, but generally speaking it is likely that you’ll be able to guess the types of questions you’ll be asked. So prepare some ideas that you may be able to use as answers. Think of some examples of times that you have been successful in your work, that you think may be relatable to the role that you’re applying for. You may be able to use them to support the things that you want to tell your interviewer.

How to follow up after your interview

Leave a lasting impression by getting in touch with your interviewer after the meeting is over, and letting them know that you enjoyed meeting with them and you appreciate the time they were able to spend with you. This is also your opportunity to follow up with any further details on information you provided during your interview, including things like references, portfolios or examples of your work and qualifications. At the very least, a follow-up email will ensure that your interviewer knows you’re excited about the prospective role, and that you’re a considerate communicator.


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