10 tips recruiters won't share

10 Tips Recruiters won’t share

From the moment your resume lands in a recruiter’s inbox you’re being judged. From the way you craft your sentences, to your spelling ability and punctuation skills – any cracks may receive an automatic disqualification regardless of your talents.

What recruiters won't tell you:

1. Pushed for time: 

Most recruiters don’t have time to pick a diamond from the rough, they want the stone (that’s you) already cut and polished. With so many eminently qualified professionals around, recruiters have the luxury of picking and choosing from a smorgasbord of talent – so bring your A-game.

2. First impressions on your interviewer count: 

You may have heard this a million times before, but most people don’t believe it actually applies to them. Simple resume spelling and punctuation mistakes will immediately hurt your job aspirations. As will a dishevelled and unprofessional appearance.

3. You need to look the part: 

Need a haircut? Are your shoes scuffed? It may sound like basic stuff, but a surprisingly large number of people get it wrong and any of these things can see you struck from the list without a word. Here’s how you can dress to impress.

4. Actions are important too: 

The adage you can tell a lot about a person from their handshake has never been truer, and a weak, overly forceful or even a clammy one won’t do you any favours. Neither will fidgeting, not paying attention, being aggressive, arrogant or a timid little mouse.

5. Eye contact with the recruiter: 

If you can’t look someone in the eye you’ll come across as untrustworthy and, if you stare them down, overly aggressive. And you won’t get hired. Make sure you don’t annoy the HR Manager.

6. Timing is everything: 

Time management skills are essential in any job, so if you can’t get to an important meeting on time you can kiss the job goodbye. If you do receive a communication from a recruiter, it also is essential to apply as soon as you can to indicate interest.

7. Be eager, not pushy:

Do you like being nagged for updates every day? Neither do recruiters, so don’t do it.

8. Retain boundaries:

No matter how well you feel you know the recruiter, keep your communications professional at all times. Find out about the secret life of recruiters on LinkedIn.

9. Be prepared for your interview: 

There’s no excuse for not having researched the company you plan to join. You need to be able to ask intelligent and insightful questions about the company and its direction and stand out from the crowd – or risk fading into obscurity. Read our job interview preparation tips.

10. Communicate effectively: 

Don’t forget to ditch the ums and ahs, don’t speak too quickly or slowly, and don’t waffle.

Tips to make a good impression on recruiters:

  • Recruiters don’t want fixer-uppers 
  • First impressions are crucial 
  • There’s no excuse for not doing research 
  • Ditch the verbal fillers


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