Volunteering can open up career doors

Volunteering can open up career doors

Shweta Vincent, an Associate Member of CPA Australia, lives by the motto, ‘if you love what you do, you will really excel at it’.

The 29-year-old says being passionate about what she does is her motivation behind working in Australia’s telecommunications industry and volunteering at different organisations in Melbourne. 

“The dynamic nature of the telecommunications industry really excited me when I was in high school. I wanted to be part of an industry that I really enjoyed rather than getting what is perceived by others to be the right job in any company,” Shweta says.

From uni to the corporate world

So after completing a Masters of Business (Banking and Finance) at Monash University in Melbourne, Shweta began her career at Australia’s biggest telecommunications company, Telstra.

She says unlike most accounting roles, her position as Telstra’s Business Operations Manager is focused on driving company sales and increasing customer advocacy rather than reviewing numbers. 

“My job at Telstra is more about what I do with the numbers. I convert the information I receive into knowledge and finally into an action for the company. At the end of the day I am driving sales enablement programs and business improvement programs,” she says.  

Giving back to the community

In her spare time, Shweta volunteers at the Victorian ICT network for young women, a group which aims to increase diversity and career progression of women in the Information Communications and Technology industry. 

Helping other CPA members

She is also Deputy Chair of CPA Australia’s Emerging Leaders program, which is designed to help the career development of young business professionals. 

Shweta says the skills she has learnt through these volunteer programs and the people she has met along the way have helped to shape her career today. 

“There are a lot of skills that I have learnt while volunteering that I now use in my work life. Skills such as being organised and project management have really helped in my role at Telstra.” 

In between her busy schedule Shweta is also studying the CPA Program and is close to being awarded the designation. 

A truly international designation

Despite the CPA designation not being as highly recognised in her home country of India, Shweta says the decision to study the program was easy.  

“After doing a bit of investigation into the CPA program I decided to attend an information session at university and that really got me interested. The knowledge you receive from the program is something that is really relevant to me because it focuses on leadership and management accounting.”

Shweta Vincent is proof that if you want to do something that you are passionate about in your career, there are always ways to reach that goal

Advice to people who want to volunteer: 

  • Volunteer in an area that you are passionate about
  • Take volunteer work seriously because you’ll never know where it can take you
  • Look for transferable skills that relate to your career


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