Becoming a finance and accounts manager

Becoming a finance and accounts manager

Santosh Sigdel may still be in the early stages of his career, but he is already a young leader at one of Indonesia’s largest companies.

The 30-year-old looks after 25 staff in his role as Manager of Finance & Accounts at manufacturing business, PT. Indo Bharat Rayon (IBR) & Indo Raya Kimia (IRK) in Jakarta.

“I feel like being a leader at such a young age is good for me personally and for my career progression. I feel so proud when people value my opinion and enjoy the respect I get from my colleagues,” says Santosh.

Managing finance and accounts is more than numbers

Santosh started his career in India after completing a Master of Commerce at Gujarat University in Ahmadabad.

He had worked as an Article Trainee at Zala & Associates before joining as Assistant Manager - Finance & Accounts at Grasim Industries Ltd.

It was a position that gave Santosh the opportunity to work with senior leaders within the business.

“My role was to analyse the financial performance and position, preparing annual budgets for the company. I reported to top level management, which was quite challenging but I learnt a lot about leadership.”

A career in commerce takes you places

In September 2013, Santosh decided to pack his bags and move to Indonesia to take on his current role at PT. Indo Bharat Rayon (IBR) & Indo Raya Kimia (IRK).

He says the experience of working in a different culture has enabled him to grow professionally.

“Working in Indonesia is very different to India, especially when it comes to business. For example in India, there is a lot more focus on education and having the right degree. So it’s quite competitive, and I would not have the same career opportunities as I do here in Indonesia.”

CPA Australia membership key to career growth

Santosh, who is an Associate Member of CPA Australia, says the key to being a leader at such a young age is to never stop learning. This is one of the reasons why he is studying the CPA Program.

“When I came to Indonesia, I felt that being a CPA would give me recognition at companies across South East Asia. It is quite prestigious and universally welcomed by business.”

Santosh, who is currently pursuing a Diploma in Management Accounting at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants via distance learning, has high hopes for his future and wants to one day take on a more senior role within the organisation.

“I’m looking to progress to a very senior position in the next few years such as being a Finance Director or a Chief Financial Officer within a company. I would love to continue my career within South East Asia or even in Australia.”

Career tips to young professionals aiming for the top:

  • Get a university recognised degree in your field
  • Read books on how successful leaders reached their goals and find out what motivated them
  • Keep focused on your chosen career path and have defined goals


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