How to turn a career expo into a career

How to turn a career expo into a career

When you think of the accounting profession, you often don’t associate it with outer space or military equipment, but Pedro Dias has managed to combine these different fields during his career.

When brains meet brawn 

The 32-year-old, who is an Associate Member of CPA Australia living in Sydney, has been given the opportunity to work as a Project/Cost Accountant on a unique project at Thales, an international electronics and systems company.

The project involves the development of military equipment for the Australian Government, including the iconic Bushmaster and new Hawkei vehicles. Pedro’s work involves increasing operational efficiencies, and performing financial and operational reviews.

“I am working on a project that is technology driven, and you need to be at the cutting edge of your industry. So you’re exposed to exciting new technologies every day,” says Pedro. 

“I work with the engineering department on the protected vehicle program and I can see the technology in place before anyone else, which is fascinating.”

Differentiate yourself

Originally from Brazil, Pedro graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce – Double Major in Marketing and Accounting, from the University of New South Wales in 2009. 

He was then offered a position in Thales’ graduate program and has since worked in Management Accounting, Reporting and Internal Auditing at the company.

Expose yourself to expos

On reflection, Pedro says the best way for accounting graduates to get a foot in the door is to attend the CPA Australia Career Expo. He says the Expo gave him the opportunity to meet representatives from different companies to find out what they are looking for in a graduate. 

“While I was at university I attended the CPA Australia Career Expo, and I found that was a great platform for me to interact with companies that I would not usually have contact with. You actually have a high chance of a job placement at the Expo by making a good impression.”

Pedro’s top three tips for students who are planning to attend the CPA Australia Career Expo:

  • Focus on the top five companies you want to work for and then introduce yourself
  • Ask questions related to the company to show that you are interested
  • Make a good impression because companies are on the lookout for talented graduates

As for Pedro’s future plans, the Brazilian has fallen in love with the Australian lifestyle and now calls Sydney home.


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