Become a CPA to land a dream role in music

The key to a successful career

Paul Luczak CPA reached a point in his career when he knew it was time to follow a dream of putting his accounting skills to use in Australia’s music industry. 

Follow your instincts

The change of career happened at age 23, shortly after Paul completed a Bachelor of Accounting at Monash University in Melbourne and started working at one of the Big Four accounting firms. 

“I found out pretty quickly that I wasn’t the right cultural fit for that type of career path. From there I reached a cross roads in my life and I had to work out whether I wanted to continue down the accounting path or not,” Paul says. 

“I considered changing my career and working in advertising sales but then I thought no, I would like to give accounting another go and find the right fit for me.” 

Paul didn’t have to wait too long to find a career path that he was passionate about. 

Launching a finance career in the music industry

In 2002, he was approached by the founder of White Sky Music to be part of his accounting and business management company for performing artists. It was an opportunity the 31-year-old says he couldn’t refuse

“I’ve always had a big passion for music, I’ve played in numerous bands over the past 12 years and I have done a lot of Australian and international performances. So it was one of those great fits where you can combine a passion with your career.” 

Start small but aim high

Paul’s current role at White Sky Music is Director and General Manager, and since working there he has helped it to become the largest business of its kind in Australia. 

“We started working in the basement of an entertainment law firm in Melbourne and the company grew from there. We now have around 32 staff and a second office in Sydney.”

Today the company looks after the finances of over one hundred international and Australian performing acts, such as Gotye, John Butler and Scottish band, Chvrches.

“Most of the guys we work with are super passionate, they’re really hard working and feel fortunate about the positions that they have and that they can do this for a living.”

The CPA Program can can lead to endless opportunities

Paul believes having the necessary accounting skills and being awarded the CPA designation in 2011, played important roles in his career success. 

“Accounting is a fundamental part of any business. To be a good business person you’ve got to understand accounting, so I knew whether it would be public practice, running my own business or working in some other country, I would have some form of accounting in my position.” 

Finance and accounting career tips:

  • Act confidently when dealing with clients. If you don’t know the answer to a question, tell your client you’ll look into it and get back to them asap
  • Pay attention to detail. Being sloppy leads to mistakes and lowers your brand
  • Focus on customer service. There’s plenty of accountants that know their debits and credits, but there’s a lot less that know how to effectively communicate with their clients 

As for the future of White Sky Music, Paul believes there is more success in sight for the company as it continues to grow. 

“We have got another company called BlueStone Insurance which is an entertainment based insurance company, so we want to keep developing that. We also want to make a great place for our staff to work because I really respect companies who focus on their staff happiness.”


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