Never lose focus on work/life balance

Never loose focus on work life balance

Analyse your day, learn from your mistakes and then switch off and let it go. That’s the secret to success according to Synergy Group Manager and Associate Jonathan Walker.

Learn to switch off

Jonathan says the strategy – which he learnt while studying judo as a teenager on a development exchange program in Japan – not only provided a much needed delineation between work and home, it also allowed the identification of any lurking problems in need of further attention.

“(I learned) that meditation is a really good way – even in the workplace – to switch off the busy day and go home, but also reflect on how you did that day and how maybe you can do better next time," Jonathan says.

Aim high

Jonathan, who made the transition from government to work as a Manager for the Synergy Group – an accounting, audit, system and management consulting firm in Canberra – says he stumbled into the world of finance by accident.

“I wasn’t looking beyond getting a good Year 12 result and then making the most of that by choosing a university and course that aligned with the score," he says.

“Commerce at Melbourne University, studying actuarial studies, initially fitted the bill as it’s a prestigious university with a difficult field of study.’’

Gain confidence with the CPA Program 

Jonathan says it wasn’t until he changed to a finance major at university and committed to studying the CPA program that he found his niche.

“Trying to make a positive change all comes down to inspiring others and having a vision. Whether this is through soft skills or having the right numbers at the right time. I like the CPA Program because it puts leadership front and centre.’’

Get ahead with the CPA designation 

Jonathan says although he was yet to receive his CPA designation (he finished his final subject last semester), he is already seeing the benefits of being a member of CPA Australia.

“In conjunction with CPA Australia in Canberra, I initiated and guided Synergy Group’s successful application to become CPA Australia recognised employer partner.

“It is an example of how by getting involved in CPA Australia you can not only obtain the CPA designation, but accelerate your chances of having a seat at the table and to help shape and implement strategy.”

Jonathan Walker’s top tips for graduates starting their careers:

  • Get breadth of experience in your field as early as possible, it helps with employability and working out what part of the profession is for you
  • Get comfortable in your own skin. When you know who you are and present as yourself it is a very powerful and empowering place on which to build
  • Learn how to switch off at the end of the day (and give yourself time to do this whenever possible). It will keep you fresh and at your best when you’re at work


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