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Daniele Cerioni CPA is living his dream of having an international lifestyle. He has studied in America, been a pizza chef in Australia and is now working as a finance professional in Italy.

The 30-year-old Italian, who studied a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Finance at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, says his passion for the finance and accounting profession has opened up new doors in his career. 

“I have always been passionate about numbers and it came quite easily to me. But the real turning point was when I went to study in the USA and I had to select some classes. One of the courses I chose was economics and I really liked it," Daniele says.

Finance: a career that leads you places

After graduating, he worked at big four accounting firm, Deloitte, as a Junior Analyst before he became a Financial Controller at Vodafone.

However, it wasn’t too long before Daniele took to the skies again, and flew to New Zealand and Australia on a working holiday.

How the CPA Program helped a career go global

He says it was while he was working as a pizza chef at a restaurant that he discovered the reasons why he should study the CPA program.

“Globally, accounting professionals are required to have a designation and in the future I'd like to have the opportunity to live abroad, for example, I'd love to come back to Australia while pursuing my career.”

“So I did a bit of research and discovered that CPA Australia was best suited to my needs because it would help me to have an international career.”

One designation to rule them all

Soon after Daniele enrolled in the CPA Program, and then in 2013, he returned to Italy where he was offered a Junior Financial Controller position at pharmaceutical company, Chiesi Group.

“It’s an interesting role because I get to work with the most senior figures in the company and I gain a lot of experience from their insights.”

“It’s great to work in a company where the final product is saving people’s lives or making them better. So it makes me feel like I’m making a difference at work and it also never gets boring.”

Designed to bring out the leader in you

Daniele says besides having an international career, he has plans to improve his leadership skills.

“I am keen to work on my management capabilities, so I’ll be able to look after my own team in the future. I would love to take on more responsibility and be part of the decision making process and eventually become a Chief Financial Officer.”

If you are wondering, Daniele says his pizza making skills are still good and they’re even helping his corporate career.

“With practice I became a good pizza chef, and now that I am back in Italy I like to show off my skills to my colleagues. It’s a really good team building exercise.”

Daniele Cerioni CPA’s tips for university graduates:

  • Don’t just apply for a job because of the money, focus on what experiences you’ll get
  • Be passionate about what you’re doing because the world is competitive and you need to commit to the needs of the business
  • Focus on the company’s main objectives and try not to over commit to too many tasks


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