Where a career in finance can take you

It’s all about where a career in accounting can take you for Danijela Glogovac CPA.

When Danijela Glogovac CPA isn’t working in an accounting, she is either planning her next overseas holiday or travelling the world and experiencing different cultures.

Danijela lives by the motto ‘travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer,’ so it’s no surprise that she loves her role as Global Treasury Manager at the world’s largest travel guide book publisher, Lonely Planet. 

“I love the Lonely Planet brand, the story behind the brand and I really enjoy my role and the people I work with,” Danijela says.

She has been working at Lonely Planet for over six and a half years, and in that time has been part of key projects including implementing a new ERP system, assisting with opening new offices abroad and has also worked on various culture and organisational projects.

Accounting and finance in the travel industry

She says working in the travel industry has its advantages.

“Generally speaking, travel is an experience that lights people up and brings people so much joy, excitement, learnings about themselves and different cultures. I love working in the travel industry.”

Danijela started her career working as a Taxation Accountant at Ascent Business Directions after completing a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) at RMIT University in Melbourne.

She then went onto work in accounting or finance related roles at automotive group, Futuris, the Australian Wheat Board and Toyota, and says each position helped to shape her career path.

“Each of my roles has been diverse, with great insights in the business world and profound learning experiences. I have enjoyed each role for different reasons.”

The CPA Designation is recognised overseas

Danijela also spent a year working as an Accountant in London and says having the CPA designation next to her name, made the job search a lot easier.

CPA is a well-recognised accreditation, not just in Australia but globally. It has helped me to gain recognition not just in accounting but also in business generally," Danijela says.

“When I was in London I was pleasantly surprised at how well recognised and respected the CPA brand was over in the UK.”

Besides planning another overseas holiday, Danijela’s next career goal is to become a senior leader at Lonely Planet.

“I would like to build on my business knowledge and further enhance my leadership skills. I would also like to further develop my mentoring and coaching skills.”

Danijela Glogovac CPA’s tips to young finance professionals:

  • Clarity equals power. You need to be clear on what you want and this applies to your life, career and job.
  • Commit to your own personal brand and professional development by learning new skills
  • Focus on building your strengths, rather than working on your weaknesses – unless it is a weakness you specifically want to work on


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