How to protect your self-confidence

how to protect your self-confidence

People will try to test your confidence all the time at work and in your social life, so what are you doing to protect it?

1. Don’t try to be perfect

Whether we like it or not, we are all human beings so none of us gets everything right all the time. Perfectionism can paralyse you and stop people from accomplishing their goals. So remember that you are allowed to make mistakes and the end result may not be what you expected. It could even help you to grow as a person. 

2. Stay positive about your confidence

If you encounter a bad situation try to remain positive and avoid becoming the victim. This will ensure you have a good state of mind and always have a good outlook on life. Try to focus on your successes in life rather than your failures. For most people having a lack of confidence is because of a feeling of not having enough of something. By thinking about what you do have, you’ll be able to recover more quickly from any bad situations. 

3. Take calculated risks

Be open to new activities and don’t be afraid to take calculated risks.  Try to do an activity which is out of your comfort zone as this could open up new opportunities in your professional and social life. You could discover an activity that you really enjoy and become passionate about.  

4. Don’t compare yourself

Try not to worry about what other people think. A lot of people can be very critical of other people’s behaviour in life, especially after a mistake has been made. So take any constructive feedback on board but ignore the rest, especially if it’s overly negative. 

Don’t forget these things about your confidence

  • Nobody is perfect
  • Do your best to be positive even when things get tough
  • Try new things and take a few calculated risks
  •  Focus on yourself not what other people are doing or saying

 Action protecting your self confidence 

Think about an activity that you have always wanted to do but have avoided because of embarrassment. Now give it a go! Even if you fail the first time, keep trying. You could soon find you have a new hobby that you really enjoy. 


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