Are you sabotaging your own success?

Are you sabotaging your own success?

Do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true, yet somehow they still keep managing to elude you? Perhaps you keep making the same old mistakes and can’t seem to stop. Or worse, you’ve become so afraid of failing that you’re too scared to try. 

Chances are the only person standing between you and success is you. Here’s what to do:

Drop bad habits

Take a good hard look at yourself and the thoughts and behaviours which led to failure in the past. Are you a hard-core procrastinator? Do you start on projects which look promising, but then bail for something “better” when they actually start to pay dividends? Are you always making excuses for why you can’t work on the things that truly matter because you’re too busy, too distracted, or too scared? 

Retrain your brain

Understand that your brain is actually working against you by trying to keep you in your comfort zone. Once you realise this, you can combat it. Try pin-pointing your problem areas. Then think about what positive actions you need to take to get you where you need to go. Use those actions to replace your previous unproductive habits and then practice, practice, practice.

Never give up

The truth is that if you give up when the going gets tough you don’t deserve success. Have a clear plan of where you’re going, be open to new ideas, own your mistakes – and learn from them.

Believe in yourself

Most people self-sabotage because they have low self-esteem, usually brought on by people consistently telling them they can’t do things, but the truth is you CAN do it.

It won’t happen overnight

Like all good things, change takes time. Don’t let slips send you into a shame spiral. Treat them as part of the learning process and move on.

No man is an island

No one can succeed on their own. You need supporters touting your skills, so treat people well and don’t be afraid to give others a leg up and you’ll find they’ll be more inclined to do the same for you.

Take charge

You can’t expect people to follow your lead if you’re relying on others to shape your own destiny.

Stop aiming for perfection

The quest for a condition that doesn’t actually exist will tie you up in knots and bog you down. Do the best you can and move on.

Plan for the future

Always think of the bigger picture, even if you’re stuck in a dead-end, or toxic work environment. Think about what new skills you need to take you to the next level and learn them.

It’s not all about you

Will your colleagues be disadvantaged if a plan fails? Will your family be worse off? Sabotaging yourself is essentially a selfish act. If you think more about the other people who will suffer if your plans fail, you’ll be less likely to plot against your own success.

When wondering if you are sabotaging your own success remember:

  • Never give up
  • Change takes time
  • Take charge of your own future
  • Stop aiming for perfection – it doesn’t exist
  • It’s not all about you


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