5 strategies for facing your fears

Face your fears by believing in your own ability. This and four other ways.

Fear. It’s a four letter word that prevents people from achieving greatness. A lack of confidence is essentially a fear of some form of rejection. Do you let the fear of rejection or failure hold you back? Are you selling yourself short on your own potential, and not working on your own self-esteem, thus jeopardizing your business success and job satisfaction?

If so, follow these five steps to fight your fears in the workplace:

Find the opportunity in every rejection

It's hard not to take rejection personally. We all want to feel accepted, and the same goes for our professional projects. But what differentiates a leader is that when others get the door slammed in their face and turn away defeated, a leader will transform rejection into opportunity.  

Believe in your own ability

It’s important to note that the way we see ourselves more often than not is how we inadvertently project ourselves to others. So if you’ve been criticizing yourself for years and that hasn’t worked in your favour, try approving of yourself and see what happens.  

Lose the emotional attachment 

Make sure you completely detach yourself from the outcome of the rejection and stay in the present. Don’t get emotionally attached to the feedback or take it personally, you’re likely to get defensive and mentally close yourself off to the lesson that lies within.

Grow from constructive criticism 

If anyone is willing to explain to you why you or your idea wasn’t a good a fit for them, listen very closely. This insight is invaluable

Change your perspective 

Alter the way you view rejection and failure. Look at rejection as a friend because every time someone or something rejects you or what you’re doing in a workplace, you know you might need to change the way you’re projecting yourself so that you can be accepted next time. Try to change your perception of the word ‘no’. If you disassociate the actual word from the deeper meaning of the word, you’ll find you may feel very different about the outcome of hearing ‘no’.

Don’t forget these things when you're facing your fears in the workplace:

  • Believe in yourself and others will start to believe in you too
  • Try not to take rejection and criticism personally
  • Ask for feedback and advice when you have been rejected or turned down
  • Practice changing the way that you react to the word ‘no’

Do this to face your fears in your office:

We know it sounds a bit silly, but why not ask a colleague if you can borrow $100,000. See what they say!

The object of the exercise is to ask people to respond to ridiculous requests, knowing that they will definitely say ‘no’. You may find that when the pressure is off, and the fear is removed, you may become much more confident in ‘scary’ situations.


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