4 ways to get people to say yes

How to get people to say yes

To be influential and to develop leadership skills, you’ll need to learn how to get your colleagues to agree with you. During your career you may want to get other people to endorse your ideas, or approve particular projects or pieces of work that you have developed. Sometimes this will happen easily, while other times you may encounter resistance. So how can you get people to back you when they’re not so sure?

How to get others to say yes to you:

1. Be a good communicator 

Tell people your idea in an easy to understand and effective way. Try to be as concise as possible about what your idea or your plan of action. This is the best way to keep people engaged and listening.

2. Framing 

Frame the question or statement in a positive way. Think precisely about what you’re going to tell your colleague and use upbeat language when delivering your information. Remember, people tend to appreciate solutions more than problems.

3. Get support

If you’ve ever watched Survivor, you’ll know how important this is. If you believe in something, get others behind you. If you believe in it passionately enough, get the big wigs behind you. How? Communication is key – regular face-time and emails build solid relationships. If you want support for your projects, make sure you are giving your support to theirs. And always follow through – prove yourself to be a person of your word and you’ll earn their respect and trust.

4. A final word of advice – choose your battles wisely

Changing people’s minds take time and energy. If you spend all of yours battling to get your own way, there won’t be much left for anything else. Some people are not logical, and have their own agendas in the forefront of their minds. Don’t bother trying to change them – just focus on what you can change. If they want to have their little battle over something that doesn’t really matter in the long run, let them. 

Trying to convince people of an idea is a great leadership quality to have. Be confident and if you can’t convince them of your idea the first time around, think about a different course of action. 

How to influence people and get them to agree with you:

  • Be confident 
  • Listen to what others have to say
  • Phrase your requests and questions in a positive way
  • Try to communicate effectively

Getting people to be on your side: 

Start small and see if you can convince a family member or friend to agree with something you are saying. Once you have, think about how you changed their mind. Now try to convince a colleague at work using the same technique. 


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